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ThinkStrat is not a typical curriculum based program.  It gets tweaked or transformed  to suit different requirements.  


  • ThinkStrat Elements 

    • The Strategic Thinking Process

    • Approaches to Strategy

    • Core competencies

    • Business models

    • Value Chain & Business Configuration

    • The Value Curve

  • ThinkStrat Market

    • Market Share & Opportunity Share

    • From “Gut Feel” to Business Case

    • Working with numbers
  • ThinkStrat Business Plan

    • Financial Analysis of Project  (Using MS Excel)

    • Strategy Map

    • Business Plan  

  • ThinkStrat Execution

    • Balanced Score Card

    • Tool Box

    • Best Practices

  • ThinkStrat Vision - the Compass of a Firm

    • Setting the Direction

    • Vision as a Passion

The standard version of this program can be conducted in 3-6 days, depending on the participant background and learning approach.