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...because today, a transition from Functional Mindset to Strategic Thinking is imperative for your business!

You generally start your career in a function viz. finance, marketing, production, human resources, research & development etc. Over a period of time, you tend to view everything through your functional perspective.  Functional mindsets can lead to the following scenarios in organizations –

  • The CEO would like marketing to re-consider the offering to the customer with a view to shake up the market. Marketing says R&D needs to improve the product

  • The software developer spends a lot of time with senior executives of the client organisation. Does he have the skill set to understand the organisation deeply, and assist in developing new business opportunities with the client?

  • Marketing wants cheaper credit for distributors. Finance feels interest costs will rise.

  • HR wants to send production executives on behavioural training. Works Manager feels it is a waste of time and will disrupt production schedules.

  • Marketing proposes a new product concept based on customer feedback. R&D would like to prioritise another project, where they are perfecting a concept.

  • The CEO wants his team to be innovative. The team feels the CEO shoots down all their ideas.

While such functional mindsets are widely prevalent, there is a change in the organisational imperative.

Strategy is no longer the role of the CEO alone. Well formulated strategies and their implementation call for an organizational effort. 

Companies often engage external strategy consultants to bridge this gap between individual mindsets and organizational imperative. But that only addresses the symptoms of the problem. 

We believe that strategy oriented employees can formulate and implement strategies better than any external consultant. ThinkStrat program helps employees get this strategy orientation.